Boondi ladoo or kunja ladoos is a popular sweet all across India. Boondis are made with besan or better known a gram flour. they are deep fried in ghee and then sugar coated. These ladoos are usually made for festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali etc.


10 mins
40 mins
50 mins

Serves: 20 ladoos


  • Besan/ bengal gram flour – 1 & ½ cups
  • Sugar – 2 & ½ cups
  • Green Cardamom – 3 (powdered)
  • Cloves – 6
  • Edible camphor – 11/8 tsp
  • Yellow food color – ⅛ tsp
  • Cashews – 12 (broken)
  • Raisins – 12
  • Sugar candy/kalkandu – 1 tbsp
  • Ghee for deep frying – 1+1/2 cup


  1. In a pan boil sugar with 1 cup of water and food color. boondiladu1Mix it well and when it starts boiling and sugar has completely dissolved, remove from the gas stove.
  2. Sieve gram flour and add a pinch of food color and mix it with water in a bowl. Make a smooth flowing batter and keep it aside. Heat some ghee in a frying pan and keep it ready to fry the boondis.boondiladu2
  3. You’ll need a ladle with holes to make boondis. Take a ladle full of batter and pour over through the ladle with holes keeping it just above the oil.boondiladu3
  4. Fry the boondis till they turn golden colour. Strain the excess ghee and directly dip it in the sugar syrup. Follow the same procedure for the remaining batter.
  5. Fry cashews and raisins and add it with boondis.
  6. Now add cloves, camphor and cardamom powder and mix it well.
  7. When the boondis are warm itself, make medium size balls of it.boondiladu4

Tasty Ladoos are ready for serving.



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